Friday, April 27, 2007

Red Herring à Paris

You know the saying about bees and honey, well, I have a knack to snoodle out networking events wherever I seem to be and while indulging in an entirely relaxing week in Paris I managed to work in two events. At opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of content and audience they were a great peek into the Parisian scene.

Red Herring held a networking event that brought out venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to mix and mingle, munch on fine Asian seafood hors d'oeuvres and imbibe in a full(bodied) red-wine open bar on Wednesday, April 11th. I got to practice mon Français avec Eyeka ceo co-founder Franck Perrier and Atlas Ventures Fred Destin. Ballou PR president Colette Ballou Lamotte worked her magical PR and networking skills and introduced me to co- Digicompanion co-founder & CEO Jean-Marc Holder and Red Herring VP-EMEA Farley Duvall. I also got to chat with many members of her company including Ballou PR Director of Biotechnology Christina Aplington and LD&A Directeur General Marc Deschamps. Ballou PR co-gereant Lucie-Anne Radimsky chatted with me and newly transplanted Microsoft's Aaron Painter about our favorite places and things to do in Paris. Les Photos