Friday, December 01, 2006

A Better View

Chat the Planet is a television show that connects groups of young people around the world, via satellite, for frank, no-holds-barred discussions about politics, relationships, prejudices and life in general. They put young people into direct dialogue, so they can talk to each other and learn about each other from each other. It's uncensored, unscripted, and unlike anything else in the mainstream media. Move over Barbara Walters, this is a better "View." Our goal is to build bonds, to confront biases, to tackle cultural misunderstandings, and to get young people all fired up and ready to act for social change. Currently, they are working on three broadcast projects focused on bridging cultural understanding in the Middle East with Iran, Israel, Palestine and Iraq. They have raised a substantial portion of the funding for these projects, but are still looking for completion funds. For more information, check us out at