Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ignite your Snapses ~ Stories from Iraq

Renaissance man Jim Sosnicky was in town, from DC, to read excepts of his stories from the book "Operation Homecoming" on Monday, October 9th at the Astor Place Barnes & Noble and then again on Tuesday, October 10th at the Ignite Café. Ignite Café is part of the amazingly provoking Synapse Productions month-long movie series, designed to get those synapses firing. Synapse Productions' artistic director Ginerva Bull, Jim and I discussed how to get people to care about the issues in our world. Are we all so busy? Are we all that apathetic? What would make you want to go downtown to an amazingly authentic, gritty theater and get informed and entertained with films about the controversial topics our nation (and world) are facing? Let us know! courtney@pulitzer.com or ginevra@synapseproductions.org

Jim's stories were graphic and real. They told the story of one man who's informed and experienced and who had the incredible opportunity perform in a theater about his experiences in the theater of war. I have decided this is how I prefer to get my news. Yes, there's usually a liberal POV, but I'd prefer to get informed this way, than through the major news enterprises (who also have agendas).

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