Friday, August 11, 2006

First Usability's First Party

After being involved in the new media biz for fifteen years and one year at First Insights, Lon Taylor (principal at First Insights) threw a shindig for friends, colleagues and clients to celebrate on Wednesday, August 9th at the punchy-colored Punch restaurant on Broadway.

Upon entering the crowded room I landed upon Jodie Kahn who told me she's right now at Right Media. She filled me in on all the amazing-ness of Right Media and then we chatted about Burning Man! I went in 1998, but she's a multiple-timer and got hooked early on. Now she's a Media Relations Captain.

Steve Masur and Bonnie Halper were chatting with respective friends and I was in Lon-central: chatting with Marc Zelanko (a VP at MTV) who grew up with Lon, Margo Sanchez, who is one of Lon's cousins who works for a NGO and does lots of cool charity work and another man who dated one of Lon's cousins (different cousin).

Well, upon first impressions of First Usability first party, it was packed and packed a punch!

Check out the fun party pictures!