Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good things come in 3s

"Startups are in a constant state of evolution, and often the milestones just go rolling by almost unnoticed and certainly undeclared. But some changes by their very nature are both notable and require broadcast," wrote's VP Affiliate Marketing Stephanie Agresta. I know Stephanie from the early days of iVillage and Barnes &, and what a delight to hear this exciting news.

In the grueling heat I made my way over to the swanky (and very cool--literally and figuratively) One Manhattan at 1 Little West 12th Street. There, while sipping refreshments, Stephanie brought me up to speed. They changed their name from Pre-Commerce Group, have a great new office near Philadelphia and a new CEO, Lucinda Holt, who hails from several successful technology companies, adding major mojo. And if that wasn't enough they closed on their first round of financing, added nine more employees and continue to grow their client list. All this--and looking fabulous too! How do they do it?!

As Stephanie and Lucinda worked the room, I chatted with Endai Worldwide's affable Michael Paschon and's adorable Saul Guttman, who coincidentally worked with Stephanie while they were at ThinAirApps. Witty repartee flew about as the perspiration beads evaporated...the energy in the room was charged despite everyone's slightly wilted arrival. The hors d'oeuvres were far from wilted, which we all sampled and enjoyed thoroughly as the party progressed towards its apex. And then, I dashed out to enjoy a quiet tete-a-tete over dinner!