Monday, April 03, 2006


Good food delivered to your door. held a series of opening night events for foodies to sample their delicious gourmet Mediterraean cuisine.

I stopped by their brand-spanking-new storefront on Monday, March 27th at 116 West Houston Street where the delivery operations also are run out of. This operation-central holds a special place in my heart as it was my former office address, and now it's where I'll probably be getting heart-healthy mediterranean dishes for dinner.

Like the popular Zone-diet delivery plan, will deliver a bundle of goodies to your doorstep the night before. Stored in a special and very groovy looking thermo-retentive bag, the bundle has breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. I recently ordered a dinner and was delighted with my grilled salmon and Sicilian ''coleslaw'' and eggplant ratatouille. I also like their theory that dessert should be included too! And I can vouch for the sumptuousness of the midnight brownie, the turkish baklava and the mini creme-caramel! (I took just sample portions, honest!)

Operations Manager Gabe Torres and Chef Daniele Baliani were gracious hosts and were refreshingly friendly and available to answer all my questions. The name of the business, MyBefana hails from the old Italian myth of a little old woman who would leave gifts on doorsteps at night for children. Like the little old woman (although Chef Daniele is dashingly handsome and not old at all!), MyBefana delivers a little gift of healthy food to your doorstep! So try it out!; 888-6-Befana.