Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cathy Brooks and Guidewire Group

Cathy Brooks and Guidewire Group: along with Chris Shipley as the Executive Producer of Podcasting for her global research firm, Guidewire Group, they are opening a brand new, weekly podcast talk show that dives deeply into the ecosystem of emerging technology markets. Each week we will bring you fresh episodes - produced and hosted by yours truly - that explore the process of innovation and the people behind it. Based on a series of recurring themes, we will introduce the entrepreneurs who are leading teams and trends, profile top venture and investment experts, and deliver insights and analysis based on our ongoing research. The launch of I of Innovation with Palm highlights a unique aspect of Guidewire Group's podcast offerings. In addition to our independent editorial content, Guidewire Group will leverage its role as a respected analyst firm to deliver audio whitepapers focusing on key markets and corporate trends. The inaugural rundown of programming today includes an array of unique editorial content as well as several audio whitepapers, developed in conjunction with Palm as part of its anniversary celebration. Take an aural stroll through our podcast library and make sure to sign up for the RSS feeds for both our I of Innovation and Audio Whitepaper series.