Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Copley Guitars - Tamar Alexia Fleishman

Six year old Copley Guitars manufactures and sells guitars, mandolins, ukeleles, violins and band instruments. Located in Nashville with a warehouse in Missouri, Copley has been supplying stars like Billy Currington, George McCorkle, Jason Aldean and Craig Morgan. When these musicians come in, they either know exactly what they want or they know exactly the results they want. Copley is able to design instruments to fit their needs. Interestingly, Jason Aldean and Craig Morgan both have their own lines of guitars through Copley. They each sell the guitars on their web sites. Copley also has a partnership with Wrangler, both its exclusive "Rope" line and its mass "Block" line.

The company really likes young artists; it has been giving special deals to school music programs and guiding the youngest performers in their purchases. More advanced youngsters have benefited through Copley's tireless work with record labels. Thus, they are able to use a quality instrument during their all-important first recording work. Copley is one of the few manufacturers who will customize a guitar for lesser-known players. This used to be common throughout the industry, but is rapidly fading away.

Copley's instruments are used in fundraisers for many important social causes. This philanthropy takes several forms. Sometimes, a record company will purchase the instrument for a cause. Other times, Copley will supply instruments for radio station giveaways. Copley also works with Make-A-Wish/Sam's Club. Some of the other charities that Copley donates to include Juvenile Diabetes and the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Every year, Copley selects a needy school to receive assistance. This year's school was Van Lear in Dixon, Tennessee.

Copley now does about half of its business online. Online purchases used to be a greater percentage of sales, but Cop