Thursday, December 31, 1998

Silicon Alley Mottos

Clay Shirky
A Proud Tradition of Making It Up As We Go Along.
Where Cont--mmui-erce is King!
Birthplace of Michael Wolff
Glenn Hauman
Brother, can you paradigm?
First to market, quality content, profitable: Pick any two
Silicon Alley: Our venture capitalists aren't as gullible
We don't give our employees BMWs, we pass the savings on to you!
We live in New York -- an Internet startup is supposed to be more stressful?
Three hours ahead of the valley, twenty-one hours in Internet time.
Silicon Alley: Trendier than cocaine-- and legal, too!
Silicon Alley: The Big Applet.
Silicon Alley: Exploiting native fear and distrust of Californians since 1993.

Peter Shankman
Plug and go. And go, and go, and go...
Profits? We don' need no steenkin profits!

Catherine Skidmore
Try Reloading
Silicon Alley: not just the space between Pamela's breasts
Silicon Alley: What're YOU lookin' at?!?

Jason McCabe Calacanis
No *Alley*, drop the V"
We dress better, throw bigger parties, and eat at better restaurants.
Please underestimate us, we love that. or Underestimate us and we'll disintermediate your ass.
Our content is as sticky as the seats on F train

Bill Lessard
Do you know where you are? You're in the jungle, baby!
Brian Cirulnick
Silicon Alley: More Parties, Less Profits
Justin Champion
Screw the Valley, keep it real in the Alley
Alex Valich
Silicon Alley, where inexperiece and stupidity= success....on paper
Jen Runne
It's not about who you know, it's about....uh, nevermind.....
Jim Graham
Silicon Alley -- Gateway to the Garment District

Steve Baldwin
Commerce, Community, and Corruption
Surf Drunk Here, and We'll Take Your PC
More Hamster Dance Fans Than Syracuse
Feel you're gettin fuk'd on the left coast? Come here, we can do it better!
Paradigm??? We can't discern what's left from what's right.
Paradigm??? How much does that cost?
There's a lotta rocks is this Alley - lets make soup. (All rocks provided, you bring the meat and vegetables.)
Paradigm??? We don't need no steenkin' paradigm - Just give us your /time/expertise/heart/soul and the check will be mailed tomorrow.

Enrique Gili
Silly Con Alley: We Spend Your Money, So you Don't Have To
Jesse Erlbaum
Abort, Retry, Fail?
Save early, save often!

Tony Long
Where IPO means, "I'm Pierced-Out!"
Steve Gilliard
Silicon Alley-where no one says have a nice day.....ever.
Wei Su
We take the 'Victory' out of the Valley
John Bono
Give us $5,000,000 and we'll give you a piece of paper w/ writing on it
We waste more money by 9AM than some governments waste all year

Jonathan I. Ezor
Silicon Alley--*Way* Over the (Cutting) Edge!
and from Glenn Hauman "or the variant: Silicon Alley: where the cutting edge of technology is suspended over our necks."

Rahmin Pavlovic
You mean, I actually get paid for doing this?
Silicon Alley - We've got more overbudgeted trust-fund babies than an uptown prep-school
Silicon Alley - We don't have to work long & late hours, we choose to. N64 anyone?
Silicon Alley - Where people ask you for mottoes describing Silicon Alley

And my vote is:
Courtney Pulitzer
Silicon Alley: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!