Sunday, September 14, 1997

LinkShare and Share alike

Even if you don't remember your mother saying "Share and share alike" as you were growing up, these words ring clear in the Internet playground. One of the beautious aspects of this network is sharing -- information, links and other good things. Capitalizing on this premise (in a good way) is LinkShare Corporation with its affiliate network and quarterly seminars.

Among the digerati that were invited to their seminar on Monday, June 14th at the Puck Building were Candice Carpenter, Chairman and CEO, iVillage; Justin L. Jaschke, CEO, Verio; Jerome H. Kern, CEO, LinkShare Corporation; and the dynamic founding brother/sister duo Heidi and Steven Messer, President and Chairman respectively of LinkShare Corporation.

The cocktail reception in the Puck Building skylight room was host to a fine gathering of attendees. Eleanor Roe of Virtual Vineyards (who has a really neat biz card) and Alissa Perry of both had positive feedback on the Affiliate program and the seminar. Heidi Poulin handed me a fresh Esprit catalog and explained to Jeff Lefkowitz of and me that today marked their launch of the affiliate program with LinkShare. Matt Wachinski of and Robert Robinson, Jr. of 4th Medium Productions were chatting with Steven Messer. Lee Charles and Joe Young of Baker & Botts, a sponsor for the reception, was chatting with Bruce Gilburne and Amy Zagin of LinkShare. On my way out I met some more new affiliates (my there were a bunch of 'em!): Mike Fernandez of (yum), Jeremy Tick of (yum yum) and Tony Nanez of (a bank. oh well). Susan Sigel told me and Susan Bilenker about her client's company -- a reminder service on the Web. Now you'll never have to worry about forgetting your anniversary!

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)