Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Postcard from Paris (trois)

Bus, car and truck traffic a mess on all points leading to Alma Marceau. The King of Spain is in town. No notices on buses, metros or websites alerting people to use other forms of transportation (or find alternate routes). (For example my bus stopped at Alma Marceau and didn't cross the Seine to points East and South). 

Calling to organize a party for my son I also see they advertise ateliers for 50 euros. I ask for information about this, thinking i could save myself 150 euros (the cost of the anniversary is 200 euros). The woman on the line will not answer my question. Every single time I ask a question about the atelier, she answers with information for the birthday party. I don't even tell her it's a "going away" party because I fear, knowing the French, that she could very possbily refuse to do the animation for a number of reasons (we only do birthdays, we don't do parties for n'import quel raison, etc. etc. etc.)

And, most importantly, navigating the French codes while trying to help my son with bullying from his "friends" at school. My husband, while also feeling pain at this situation, gives the typical French response of, "we should let him learn to defend himself." My American friends give the "go talk to the parents, write a letter to the Principal, buy anti-bullying books and give them to the school!"  Sigh.