Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day? Meh...

It's really weird - such a disconnect - to see all these Mother's Day facebook posts when the reality I'm living in (my life in France), it's not a holiday (yet). MD is in a few weeks, I guess, in France. I don't even know. I feel bummed I didn't get out a ton of pics and #tbt photos and gush over my mother... and then there's my step-mom and mother-in-law (but she's over here anyway)... I guess it's akin to when there was that study on how people can get depressed looking at everyone's "wonderful life" posts... For me it was just another sunday, and in fact, quite a long one (too long for S)... I guess it feels weird because I didn't celebrate MD yesterday. We celebrate it whenever it is in France, because we're in France and my husband and son are French. This is just one of those moments when I feel really disconnected from my family, friends and culture, and sad.

However, if I want to focus on the positive - I know I was a great mother to my son this weekend, and in general! And that I know, like Christmas, I really don't ever want my son to feel the commercial  pressure to have to do moremoremore. I don't want him to feel obligated to do anything. I want to foster in him the sense of showing you care about people everyday, not just on Hallmark-designated holidays.