Thursday, May 14, 2015

Citizen Simon

A few weeks ago I was at one of our local parks with my son and father. My son commented on how ALL of the equipment in the park was tagged with graffiti. It looked like it had been done relatively recently and it really, really looks awful. It's especially "insulting" because the city had just replaced ALL of the equipment in the park just a year or two ago. (Perhaps I should be grateful it took 2 years to get graffitied?)

He said the "old kids" did this and it doesn't look nice and is dirty. He told me to take pictures of all of it, pointing out each side of each jeux for me to photograph and said we would send a letter to the police.

Today I printed out the pictures and my son dictated the letter to his papa. Then we had him write it in his handwriting and his father addressed the envelope to the Mairie (mayor). I like how he also mentioned an "actionable item" for the "old kids" to clean up the park. ;)

I'm so proud of raising a little boy who cares about his environment and is civic-minded. He picks up trash on the streets, beaches, elsewhere (within reason). And he notices how a minority can ruin a place with their "bad behavior" for the majority. And I am just so pleased that he now has a mind to take it to the next level by taking correct actions!

Here is his letter, and the "evidence."