Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Bullying at "Maternelle" (Preschool)

Our son told us at dinner that 1 boy spit in his face and another slapped his face and kicked him in the stomach. :((((( The violence in this neighborhood of "privileged" bourgeois is shocking... I think his school needs to re-read this: http://ow.ly/JSYLY

This isn't the first time we're hearing about this too. My husband was informed about it at the Parent-Teacher night and one of my son's friend's mother told us of her son being verbally harassed.

We live in a neighborhood of many wealthy, privileged "bourgeois" people and I feel like this is an extension of the "I am untouchable" attitude I see rampant with the adults. They park wherever they want, whenever (at all hours) with no regard of legal parking places, bus lanes, delivery trucks. They run red lights or disregard traffic rules because "they are more important" or in a rush. One man we know has a fake handicap sign he puts in his car so he can park illegally right in front of his apartment. It's just "me first" everywhere I go in this neighborhood.

And the kids at school just replicate what they see or learn. Their actions have no consequences. It's very disturbing.