Thursday, December 04, 2014

Special Show and Tell

Tonight we skyped with Grandpa and we saw Charlie (a step-nephew). Grandpa was saying how Charlie is his helper. I know from other stories he is "helping" with hammering and all sorts of other construction projects. The same kind of work my father had me do when I was younger.

Watching this I felt that wisp of regret that my son isn't growing up getting to know his grandfather better, do projects with him, experience life with him, learn about life from experience his zany, hard, practical way-of-life.

And then there are times I know God has us protected by having us be far away! Sometimes Grandpa can, unknowingly, create a life that feels dangerous. For example, Charlie, who now is 3 yrs. old said he wanted to show us his favorite knife. (His favorite knife?!). He went in the kitchen with Grandpa and came back with a knife I've known my whole life. Grandpa measured the blade and the blade itself is 8" (20 cm) long. It's old, it's a little rusty in parts. Ai ai ai! So he's wielding this knife around and then Grandpa and Ginny say it's time to put the knife away because Ginny is heard in the background getting upset her grandson is playing with knives. :) No wonder.

So Simon says he wants to show them something. So he goes into his room and searches for something impressive he can show them. I see him with his finger on his lip, pursed, as he's thinking what he could show them. He comes back with a (roller ink) pen of his Papa's. And he shows them this pen! So cute. And what a disparity. I'm glad his version of something special to show was a pen, and not a large, rusty knife. But I could tell, and felt a little bad, that he wished he had something more powerful and impressive. My father is a good man, but he's not always child-proof! ;)