Friday, December 05, 2014


Why is the word "severe" in persevere? Is it always severe to persevere? Is it hard to push forward? Hard to continue when the odds are against you (or feel like they are)? I suppose to some extent, yes.

Yesterday I got some distressing news and I'm trying my best to persevere, to not be discouraged. Yes, I'll have more work to do. Yes, I have some work ahead of me. Some work that won't feel fun. And yet, I know once I've completed it--nay, even when I'm in the thick of it--I will feel that deep satisfaction of doing (did) a job well done. I went through the challenge and I came out the other side. As is always the case. As Robert Frost said, "The best way out is always through."

Other things of note today: I left the house without my glasses on. I didn't notice till we hit the street. Is that a good thing? I figured, "okay, why not go for it" and just continued on towards my son's school. Thankfully, I guess, my husband had the good sense to just head back upstairs and search for them. It could've been a fun experiment, especially considering I had a "sporty walk" lined up right after dropping off my son at school. But I suppose it's always better to see more clearly where one is going...(literally and figuratively)!

I think this reflects on the Order Muppet and Chaos Muppet. I love this theory! At first I thought, "Oh I'm an Order Muppet," all proud of myself. But then I realized I am probably a Chaos Muppet trapped in an Order Muppet body. And I think my husband is reverse. Which is, again, why I think things are working...