Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spa day @ Shiseido Spa @ La Mas Candilla

Tuesday - Spa Day
After a leisure morning (well, if any morning with a 4-yr. old can be leisurely), E came to get us around lunchtime. There was no time to go to the set so he dropped me off at 13h00 for my spa afternoon. I was showed the Relaxation Room, which wasn't very relaxing with the modern jazz/spa type instrumentals so I went outside and sat in the mild outdoors enjoying the lovely view.

My facialist arrived and showed me to my room. After a questionnaire I changed and slid onto a heated table. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I then submitted to an hour of cleaning, vaporizing, massage, mask and final moisturizing. Heaven! "Bien tranquillement" I got up and dressed.

Heading to the spa pool I clambered up onto the hammock under a Willow Tree...ahhhhhh! Peace..... After deciding I can't leave this place without trying the pool, I went back up to change into my bathing suit.

The pool was so warm it was nearly hot! I loved it! And I tried the "counter-current" swimming jets, and hard-pressure shower to work on my back some more. After another round on the hammock, I plunged into the pool again for more floating and luxuriating before having to bid adieu to this moment...

Each part was so luxurious I didn't want to switch to the next delightful moment!