Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Odyssea in Paris

On November 7th, along with about 10 other lovely ladies, I donned a pink shirt, pink flower in my hair and pink sweatband on my wrist and walked for the cause against Breast Cancer.

It was a gloriously warm day and we were encouraged by bands on the side:
  • an all-woman drum brigade at the start; 
  • a rag-taggle "Grunge-Soul" band that looked a bit disinterested and/or like they were a left-over from the previous night's "Nuit Blanche" and forgot to pack up; 
  • and then by a brass band consisting of older men and women in colorful traditional-costumes.
We passed the Zoo, under renovation, with a soaring concrete tower that will eventually house some lucky animal and saw lots of families and work teams marching with purpose for this cause.