Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Bonne Journée

I would like to state something positive, for once, about living in France.

Today I had a great day.

Even though the weather turned from bright and sunny to cold, to freezing, to rainy and then to HAIL, and even though I left my Saint James wool sweater at home,
I still was okay.

Even at the pool when it seemed like an encounter with one of the guards might've (in the past) gotten me all fired up, I handled it coolly and fine with a smile.

And even in the chaotic "no lanes" pool with 10 other swimmers bearing down on me back and forth, and kicking some, and getting kicked,
I was okay!

Maybe it's because I just kept the focus on me and my swimming. I just kept barrelling ahead myself and didn't always look up to see where everyone else was and what they were doing. I just plunged forward and did it. I concerned myself just with me and not with others and what they were doing. (Not having my glasses and being able to see helped.)

Then: at the pharmacy I picked out a bunch of things we needed and even a pretty body lotion I liked and was about to pay for it when I remembered I left my wallet at home. The pharmacist was so nice about it, packed it all up, entered it in the system, gave me a ticket and let me go home with all the items! I didn't think about the fact that he had all my info and could/would just charge me the next time I was there. So I was able to go home with all my things! :)

And: at the Retoucherie (tailor) I went in and inquired about taking-in a shirt, and the woman was so very nice about it. And then when I went back she was still nice, and I even waited patiently but then also went ahead and changed even though they were "occupe" (busy) with another dame. She was able to take care of me as well and I was able to complete my transaction without too much interference.

Not too bad! A pretty good day!