Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Is Springing.

Today I not only noticed some buds on the flowering trees, but I could smell their fragrance as well. It gave me that "Spring is coming" sense of Hope that only fragrant trees, a temperate breeze and some blue sky can. It was a welcome relief after a rough winter with a sick baby (since November with one virus after another) and my own sinus infection...not to mention no time out of Paris for vacation. We haven't left since...hmmm...summer. Gasp! No wonder I'm grumpy.

I also, in a burst of renewed enthusiasm after meeting Nathalie Ohana - the original OMGmother, I am considering starting up the famous "Cocktails with Courtney" series once again. Why not, I say? Why not, indeed?!

Stay tuned, dear loyal readers, stay tuned...