Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bidart Day Three: Sun and Surf

Whoo! The sun was out this morning, and, after being covered by the clouds and rain till about noon, came out increasingly for a long afternoon of blue skies and (fluffier) clouds.

This morning we had a nice breakfast by the double-doors to enjoy the view of the little houses dotting the hills and far-off mountains. All the houses (and commercial buildings) are painted one of four colors. They are all about the same range of white or cream for the base and the shutters and trim are either maroon, brown, forest green or a marine blue (with some variations). It can alternate between charming and annoying.

There are also lots of large courts for a sport called pelota and cesta, which I had mistaken for racquetball the first night. (I know, I know, the provincialism is astounding...) More info on Buber and on Wiki.

More photos from the day...

We mobilized with the pup to one of the beaches where Teddy ran and ran and ran and we walked around, finding a large stream that runs from the town into the ocean. Neat! Then we drove to Guerthary and I snacked on a pasteurized Goat's milk cheese, a baguette and an apple for a picnic as we watched a handful of surfers wait for a good wave. Yum! Then we walked down to another beach where the rocks were amazing and we saw more surfers.

Tonight we're having dinner over at our friend's house in St. Jean de Luz.